The art of brewing

Brewing is an art. Without a doubt. It takes time and experience. That’s why you can taste six generations of family history in every Straffe Hendrik. 

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The story 

Great taste runs in the family 

As tradition has it, every first-born son of brewery De Halve Maan was given the name "Hendrik". However, it was the fifth generation brewer's daughter Véronique who introduced the Straffe Hendrik in 1981. This strong specialty beer was a powerful tribute to the many generations prior to her.

Each Straffe Hendrik upholds the family tradition of great taste. Obtained by a subtle mixture of quality malts and hops. Rich and full-bodied, with a high percentage of alcohol. Good taste isn’t something that's given, you have to learn it through experiences. It’s passed down from generation to generation.   

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Straffe Hendrik Tripel fles

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Our family has been brewing on ‘Het Walplein’ for 6 generations now. Today, De Halve Maan is the last authentic family brewery in the city, and we can reflect on our rich history.   

The historic brewery has become an iconic spot in the city. We’re one of the most visited breweries in the country with visitors from all over the world! 

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Straffe Hendrik Tripel fles

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