The art of brewing

Straffe Hendrik has a long-standing tradition of collaborating with artists.

The art of brewing 

Ever since the launch of the brand, Straffe Hendrik has been closely connected to the artistic world. To empower this, we decided to launch a new tagline: 'The art of brewing'. It refers to the generations-old family tradition and the creative way in which we market the brand. 

Straffe Hendrik X Pieter Dhoop 

For our latest creative project, we decided to partner up with Pieter D’Hoop. A renowned food photographer from Bruges. With his unique style of photography, he was the go-to person for this project. He’s always looking for authenticity in his photography. An important value that we share with him. 

Creative challenge

We challenged Pieter D’Hoop to capture the story of our brand in one single image. With the beer's rich history in mind, he spent a full day wandering through our brewery looking for the perfect shot. 
He came up with an idea where we wanted to combine the generations-old craftsmanship of the brewery with the state-of-the-art facilities. He managed to get all the values of the brand into one powerful picture.

Win a limited edition canvas print 

We created a limited amount of canvas prints out of this picture. Each print will be signed and numbered by the artist. A true collector's item!  The print has a size of 60X60 cm. 

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