Straffe Hendrik Wild

17 EBC
35 EBU

Our Straffe Hendrik Wild is a wild variant of the well-known Straffe Hendrik Tripel. The beer undergoes a refermentation in the bottle with a wild yeast: the 'Brettanomyces' or 'Brett' yeast. This gives the beer a longer natural shelf life and ensures a special taste evolution over the years. The beer is only bottled once a year, so there is only a limited supply of each edition available.


After three months in the warm room the re-yeasting of the wild yeast is complete, and the young beer is ready to drink. The beer however does keep evolving over the years. The bitter hop aromas are softened, while the wild yeast continues to develop and create fruity and flowery aromas.  


Bright amberblond.


Our traditional tripel is refermented with “Brettanomyces” yeast, which makes unique fruity aromas that harmonize with the rich use of aromatic hop varieties. 


The Wild is very versatile in the kitchen, due to its refined freshness and fruitiness, in combination with its full-bodied character. It combines well with both light and heavy dishes. 

Straffe Hendrik Wild fles
Straffe Hendrik Wild glas