Straffe Hendrik Heritage

100 EBC
35 EBU

Straffe Hendrik Heritage is a special version of our famous Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel. The heavy dark beer ages for minimum a year in oak barrels of diverse origins. Every year we add a unique selection to the barrels, this way creating a unique master blend. This barrel aged beer can be kept up to ten years. The beer is only produced once a year in a limited edition.


The tannins from the barrels come in harmony with the rich notes of the special malts in the beer. In combination with the subtle taste of the wood aging, the typical spiciness and bitterness of the Quadrupel appears again. 

Every year, the brewers select a unique master blend based on the different matured beers, and their evolution. Each of the barrels has its own maturation process, which means that the master blend will also differ from year to year. This leads to a unique and powerful provision beer, which, thanks to the refermentation in the bottle, will have an even longer taste evolution in the bottle.


Our Heritage has an intens dark brown colour.


Depending on the origins of the barrel the ripening process will bring forward different aromas. Not only new wood from American and French origin is used, we also use preloved barrels from Whisky, Rum, Bordeaux, Calvados, etc. 


Combined with gastronomic creations you really appreciate the immense potential of this beer. The wood aging adds a refined complexity enabling incredibly interesting pairings.

Straffe Hendrik Heritage Fles
Straffe Hendrik Heritage glas